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Brain pickings on digital and beyond

August 2017

A Hi-Tec Way of Working

For years, Hi-Tec has been producing functional, high performance shoes that have turned it into something of an institution in this country.

July 2017

When Digital gets Real

There are probably as many definitions for “digital agency” as there are digital agencies, but this tells you all you need to know about our dynamic and increasingly digital world.

June 2017

Will ad-blockers save us from bad advertising?

People who feel like companies are putting their own business goals above their customers’ needs and wants are less likely to be appreciative of or persuaded by advertising.

May 2017

When Programmatic is Problematic

Programmatic buying uses software to buy advertising space that will get your adverts in front of the people who are most likely to click on them.

May 2017

Is Snapchat a must-use marketing tool for your brand?

Finding a virgin expanse of un-marketed upon media is in many respects a marketer’s dream.

May 2017

What you can learn about marketing from the Fyre Festival fiasco

Last weekend’s Fyre Festival is a shining example of all that is wrong in the “if you can believe it you can achieve it” approach to business.

April 2017

How social influencer campaigns allow you to precisely target your customers

You can't afford a Kardashian, Christiano's people aren't answering your calls, and The Rock is busy standing in swimming pools holding puppies all week. Is your influencer campaign dead in the water?

March 2017

Design like it’s 2017

Over the course of the last year, we’ve introduced some new design tools into our workflow here at Lima Bean, and have seen some major improvements, specifically in speed of output, rate of iterations

February 2017

How to find images for your campaign without breaking the budget or the law

You need a photo for your email campaign. The photos you have on file are all out of date. You don't have the budget for a photo shoot. What do you do?

July 2016

Three big e-commerce trends for 2016

Here are three e-commerce trends that we have picked up on and are actively pursuing with our clients