Enterprise Systems Development

Enterprise grade systems development underpinned by rock solid, relational databases.

We are firm believers in using classic software development methodologies using a bottom up (data first) approach. Basing our code on robust data models has allowed us to develop enterprise systems that have scaled to over a million requests per second or have housed over 150 million records that required complex querying and reporting.

Our beliefs

  • Design robust data models
  • Use classic Model - View - Controller frameworks
  • Use frameworks that favour convention over configuration
  • Keep code small, lightweight and clean
  • Use the right tool for the job
  • Design your systems to be stateless and cloud native

Head of division


Damian has been developing systems for more than a decade, having architected and built numerous big data as well as high traffic applications. He is extremely accurate, calm under pressure and expects his team to deliver code of the highest quality.

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